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8 Best Electric Bikes For 2024 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

July 31, 2024

There has never been a more exciting time than now to become an electric bike. Having established itself as a hugely popular, effective, and important mode of transportation in countries around the world—most notably China and several nations throughout Europe–the electric bike is beginning to take off in the United States as well.

The primary appeal of an electric bike is its unique ability to combine pedal power with motor power, giving riders an unprecedented level of control over their riding experiences. By allowing riders to choose precisely how much power the motor will provide, e-bikes have quickly become some of the most flexible and accessible vehicles in the world.

Here, we have reviewed the best available electric bikes in the market today ideal for cycling with fun. Have a look at these products and choose the most suitable one for you.

Best Electric Bikes For 2024 – Comparison Table

Product Image

Product Name



Max Speed

Miles Range



VELOWAVE Fat Tire Electric Bike Shimano- 7 Speed UL Certified.

750 W

  52V 19.2Ah

  20-24 mph

34-65+ mile

Single speed

HEYBIKE Ranger for Adults Foldable 20” x 4.0 Fat Tire Step-Thru Electric Bicycle

500 W

48V 15AH

 25 mph

40 miles (pure electric) /55miles (pedal assist)

7-Speed Shimano

Electric Bike, TotGuard 27.5" Shimano 21S Gears Electric Bike for Adults

500 W

48V 10Ah



28 miles

21-speed Shimano

VIVI Professional Mountain Electric Bike, 26-inch Height with 21 Speed Gears E bike

350 W





ANCHEER 27.5'' Electric Bike/Electric Mountain Bike/Commuting E-Bike for Adults | Dual-Disc Brakes

350 W

48V 10Ah




21 speed

Jetson Bolt Adult Folding Electric Ride On | Foot Pegs

250 W

 36V Lithium battery 



17 miles


 Jetson Bolt Adult Folding Electric Ride On

250 W





8 speed

BRIGHT GG NAKTO 500W/350W Electric Bike

350 W

36V 10AH




6 speed

Best Electric Bikes For 2024 – Product Reviews

1. VELOWAVE Adults Electric City Bike

VELOWAVE Adults Electric City Bike

[Check Price on Amazon]

Quick Features:

  • Powerful BAFANG 750W, Geared Hub Motor
  • Rigid Suspension Fork
  • Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Multifunctional Color-Screen Display

If you’re hunting for a bike for commuting, the VELOWAVE Fat Tire Electric Bike Shimano- 7 is a great pick. Velowave is a big manufacturer, that wants to drive people to explore all possibilities of joy in riding, on roads, beaches, or snows, uphill and downhill, by day and night. 

This model comes with a 750W high-speed BAFANG geared motor, the upgraded model provides stronger electric power with a speed reaching up to 28+mph. It also has a reliable 48V/15AH lithium battery with larger LG cells and a longer lifetime, covering a range of 25-40+ miles per full charge. Removable battery, convenient to bring home or office to recharge. 


  • Highly Recommended
  • Powerful Motor.
  • Integrated Downtube battery, Rechargeable.
  • Meet Federation Limits.
  • High Luminous light for safety.
  • Fat tires for a smooth ride


  • Single Geared

2. Heybike-Ranger Electric Bike for Adults Foldable 20″ x 4.0 Fat Tire Step-Thru

Heybike-Ranger Electric Bike for Adults Foldable 20" x 4.0 Fat Tire Step-Thru

[Check Price on Amazon]

Quick Features:

  • 500W Brushless Gear Motor
  • Removable 48v 15Ah lithium battery with USB port.
  • Shimano 7-Speed&Dual Shock Absorber
  • Puncture resistant fat tire
  • 3 Working Modes
  • Step thru&Water bottle holder

Electric folding bicycles are proliferating on city streets, on trains and busses, and in-office buildings and apartment hallways for a good reason. It’s hard to beat the convenience of a bike that Hides under your desk—but can also make your commute faster. More and more companies are rushing to create the ultimate mini-commuter rides.

The new series ranger has a stronger wear-resistant and more comfortable riding experience.20″ x 4.0 Puncture resistant fat tire and 500W Brushless Gear Motor, switch between commuting and adventure at any time. Ranger is equipped with a larger capacity 48V 15Ah battery to ensure long life and excellent performance. To Make it ride more adventurous, it is customized with 3 riding modes and a Shimano 7-speed. The perfect dual disc brakes and lighting system will fully protect you.


  • Easily Foldable
  • 80% pre-installed assembly/very easy assembling.
  • Comfortable 


  • Little Expensive

3.  Electric Bike, Tot Guard 27.5″Shimano 21S Gears Electric Bike for Adults

Electric Bike, Tot Guard 27.5"Shimano 21S Gears Electric Bike for Adults

[Check Price on Amazon]

Quick Features:

  • 500W POWER
  • 48V 10Ah Lithium Battery, Rechargeable
  • Foldable
  • Intuitive LED Display

Whether you’re a returning rider, a newbie cyclist, or just looking for a bit of extra support to keep up now and then, TotGuard electric bikes will be perfect for you. Instead of a normal mountain bike, you can be able to go far away and explore more places with this TotGuard 27.5″ electric mountain bike for riding with less effort.

This Foldable bike comes with an amazing design of a lightweight Aluminum frame having a lockable suspension fork for less bumpy on rough roads and having Sports style, streamlined matte surface, and Simple decal style that built an amazing look.


  • Lockable suspension
  • Easy assembly
  • Cargo space
  • Large tires as compared to other e-bikes.
  • Dual disc brakes for a safe and smooth ride.


  • Slow to ride on roads.
  • Heavy.

4. VIVI Professional Mountain Electric Bike for adult,26-inch Height with 21 Speed Gears E-bike

VIVI Professional Mountain Electric Bike for adult,26-inch Height with 21 Speed Gears E-bike

[Check Price on Amazon]

Quick Features:

  • Lightweight frame.
  • High-strength carbon steel comfort shock absorption
  • Adjustable Handlebar
  • 21-speed professional transmission system.
  • Double shock absorption.

If you’re searching to explore some new trails, planning your weekly ride routes, and have some fun doing it, the VIVI electric mountain bicycle has the perfect fusion of trail performance and power to give you the ride of your choice. The design of the frame is constructed according to human body mechanics. Together with the dual disc brakes and high-strength steel suspension fork, you will enjoy a comfortable riding experience.

This electric bicycle equipped with a 350W high-speed brushless motor has a longer life span and faster starting speed, which provides you with strong power when you are climbing the mountain, empowers you with more speed, more freedom, and more fun.


  • Can be quickly folded.
  • 90% pre-assembled
  • Effective for body Fitness.
  • Comfortable.


  • Not suitable for tall heightened and overweight people.

5. ANCHEER 26” Electric Bike/Electric Mountain Bike/Commuting E-Bike for Adults | Dual-Disc Brake

ANCHEER 26'' Electric Bike/Electric Mountain Bike/Commuting E-Bike for Adults | Dual-Disc Brake

[Check Price on Amazon]

Quick Features:

  • Motor: 48V 350W high-speed brushless gear motor
  • Lithium-ion Battery: 48V 10Ah
  • Maximum speed: 20mph
  • Derailleur: Shimano 21 Speed Gears
  • Meter: LCD Screen
  • Wheels: 27.5”x2.1”
  • Mileage: 25-50 miles
  • Charging time: 6-7 hours

The upgraded ANCHEER 27.5″ electric mountain bike meets all your needs of cycling and outperforms in many aspects. With the perfect combination of professional 21-speed gearing and 48V 350W 5 levels pedal assistance and throttle, speeding up to 20mph is just a piece of cake. Made of high-end aluminum alloy, lockable suspension front, large LCD, front and rear disc brakes, and 27.5″*2.1″ tires, the ANCHEER 2021 electric mountain bike gives you an unparalleled riding experience to conquer all terrains.


  • Digital Display.
  • Shimano 21-Speed gear of the electric bicycle offers greater terrain adaptability.
  • Environment friendly and convenient
  • Powerful and sturdy E-bike.


  • Heavy 
  • Can be harder work than other bikes

6. Jetson Bolt Adult Folding Electric Ride On | Foot Pegs

Jetson Bolt Adult Folding Electric Ride On

[Check Price on Amazon]

Quick Features:

  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • 250 W Hub motor
  • Twist throttle acceleration
  • Maximum range up to 17 miles
  • Max speed 15.5 MPH
  • Convenient height and adjustable seats

If you are low in your budget and looking for a ride across the city which is portable and lightweight that you can carry everywhere so, Jetson Bolt Up Electric Ride On is the best choice. The design comes with a 250 W motor so you can zip around town in style with the Bolt’s powerful yet quiet motorthe aluminum alloy frame is lightweight and sturdy, supporting up to 250 lbs. and made for everyday use.


  • Bolted
  • Easy to handle
  • Built-in carrying handle
  • Top-quality budget E-bike.


  • Slow speed
  • Less powerful

7. Schwinn Voyageur Electric Bike, Mechanical Disc Brakes

Schwinn Voyageur Electric Bike, Mechanical Disc Brakes

[Check Price on Amazon]

Quick Features:

  • 250W Bafang Hub Motor
  • 5-level pedal assist
  • 8-speed Shimano drive train
  • Light frame.
  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes with 160 millimeters rotors

What if you could focus on the fun of cycling without worrying about climbing steep hills or running out of steam on longer distances? Now you can with the Voyageur e-bike by Schwinn. The Voyageur electric bike features an aluminum comfort-tuned geometry frame that allows for a more upright and natural rider position and the hydro-formed down-tube keeps the voyageur’s battery as low as possible for better stability and control. With the SR Sun tour coil-sprung suspension fork with lockout you can tune your Voyageur to your comfort level


  • Smooth ride on rough paths
  • Very comfortable
  • Portable
  • precision stopping power in all conditions.



  • costly maintenance

8. BRIGHT GG NAKTO 500W/350W Electric Bike Adult Electric Snow/Mountain/Beach/City Bike

BRIGHT GG NAKTO 500W/350W Electric Bike Adult Electric Snow/Mountain/Beach/City Bike

[Check Price on Amazon]

Quick Features:

  • 350W rear hub motor
  • 26” Fat tires
  • 36V 10AH Lithium Battery
  • 3 working modes: E-bike & Assisted bicycle & Normal bike with LCD Display.
  • High speed

There is a trip called a bicycle trip. It has no extravagant preparations, only a brave back seat and a heart that you want to go, a bicycle can make your dreams go very far. If you want to find some new routes to expand your bike route and hope to find the right electric bike on the road, then the NAKTO ebike is a good choice, using high-quality materials, ultra-durable aluminum frame, lightweight is very suitable for you Cycling every day.

The electric bikes adopt High-strength Carbon Steel Frame, the front fork is made of high-strength Carbon Steel and packed with premium comfort shock absorption, larger and stronger frame to help you carry extra weight, create by heart, reduce your daily worries.


  • Fast and Efficient
  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality cushions.
  • Excellent material used.
  • Cruiser bike.


  • Expensive components once damaged can’t be repaired properly

Best Electric Bikes Buyer’s Guide

Here, we’ve put together our definitive guide that aims to clarify the basics of the e-bike, and what you should consider when thinking about investing in one.


  • “City “or hybrid e-bikes: comes with standard step-thru Frames.
  • Cargo e-bikes: These can also come built with large luggage compartments They all feature flat handlebars and a relaxed seating position compared to enthusiast-type bikes and e-bikes.
  • Folding e-bikes: These offer specially-designed motor systems to fit within the smaller, lighter frame, and although these are often less powerful, they offer a great alternative for those needing to take their e-bike with them on public transport, wanting to store it away under a desk at work, or neatly away at home.



E-bike motors come in two main forms – either fitted into the central structure of the frame (known as the bottom bracket area around which the pedals and crank arms spin), or in the hub of one of the wheels. The rear structure of a bike frame is normally the strongest, while the majority of a rider’s weight pushes down through the rear wheel, adding traction, which can be a benefit in more slippery conditions.


In addition to the motor, all e-bikes have motor controllers and batteries. The controllers modulate the amount of power flowing to the motor, which uses your input to transfer the desired amount of current from the battery into the motor. Despite sharing the same basic tech, the motors you’ll see on today’s e-bikes come in three basic variants. Mid-drive motors are positioned at the center of the bike’s frame, where you’d normally find the bottom bracket. Hub-driven e-bikes have motors within the front or rear hub, and there are two types of hub motors.


Direct-drive hub motors, apart from their bearings, have no moving parts: The motor just spins around the axle, which is secured to the frame’s dropout. Geared hub motors use a series of planetary gears to lower the motor’s RPM and increase its torque output.


You’ll also find aftermarket e-bike kits that allow you to equip a standard bike with a mid-drive or hub motor, and among aftermarket kits, there are friction drives, which use a spinning wheel that contacts the rear tire to create propulsion.

If you’re technically inclined and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, the Bafang G310 geared hub motor systems are a favorite among e-bike manufacturers, for instance, and the entire DIY Skit costs between $479 and $2,393, depending on your selection of components.


Battery dimensions largely depend on its use – for enthusiasts like mountain bikers and road cyclists, a smaller battery that has been wholly or partly integrated into the frame is often desirable for performance and aesthetic reasons. Urban commuters are arguably better served by a more functional, larger design that attaches outside the frame or, as is often the case, into custom pannier racks (these are often cheaper to produce too, without compromising quality). The ability to remove a battery can also make charging easier and more convenient, and boost your e-bike’s security when parked up.

IMPORTANT: Battery capacities drain over time and use, as well as in very cold conditions (although lithium-ion battery technology, on which the vast majority of e-bike batteries are based, is constantly improving to mitigate this). Look for batteries from reputable companies, and which carry a warranty.


E-bike motor systems usually come with a selection of power settings. Arbitrarily, these can be set to low, medium, high, plus some kind of ‘max’ setting, although this varies between motor systems and models. Some may have only two settings, while others might have as many as five or more.

These are the commonly used mechanism built-in electric bikes:

  1. Pedal-assist
  2. Throttle only
  3. Thumb throttle and pedal-assist
  4. Twist throttle pedal assist.
  1. RANGE:

            The range of an electric bike is the maximum number of kilometers that you can cycle before your battery is empty. The more electricity the battery can store, the further you can cycle with pedal assistance.


Electric bikes are 40-50% heavier than traditional bicycles but are considerably lighter than motorcycles. An average electric bicycle weighs around 45-50 pounds (18-22 kg). A typical traditional non-electric bike may weigh around 30-35 pounds.

Now ”Weight” is no more issue because City e-bikes are specifically designed with no added weights. To make these bikes lightweight, even the batteries are often integrated inside the frame. The use of carbon frames makes these e-bikes lighter as you can lift them when required.12-13 kg).


Wheels will significantly determine your speed, stability, findability, and numerous other performance factors while riding. Wheel size is expressed in two measurements, consisting of the wheel’s diameter and the tire’s width.

Large wheels have the main advantage in that their size helps them overcome obstacles more easily, providing a smoother overall riding experience. Large wheels roll over bumps easier than small wheels, and they won’t vibrate, shake, or sink as much into loose dirt, potholes, and other sunken road sections compared to smaller wheels.

Smaller wheels are very popular with city bikes because their main advantages are greater maneuverability and acceleration over larger wheels. Not only will you find it easier to handle your eBike overall, but because of its smaller size, the bike is lighter and easier to fit through narrow doors and passageways as well.


More established than e-scooters, with more regulations and standards that underpin overall designs, e-bikes can generally be relied upon to provide good standards of build quality (as long as they meet these regulations!) and reliability.

Best Electric Bikes FAQ

1. How long does it take to charge the battery?

 Most electric bike batteries will fully charge from empty in 3 to 6 hours depending on the battery size.

2. Can I charge the battery by pedaling? 

Some electric bikes have this feature but this requires a substantial amount of your pedal power, so be ready for one heck of a workout! Some of these same eBikes have regenerative braking that will charge the battery as you are braking, similar to the way electric cars do.

3. I like riding my conventional bike, why would I need an electric bike? 

You may find that adding an electric bike to your lineup of bikes expands what you can do with a bicycle. For instance, with an electric cargo bike, you can take the kids to school, commute to work, pick up groceries, and enjoy a nice bike ride at the end of a long workday. Remember, you can never have too many bikes 

4. Can you get any exercise on an electric bike? 

Absolutely! You decide how much exercise you want to get by adjusting the power assist level on the bike.

5. How much do they weigh? 

Generally, electric bikes range from 45 pounds to 60 pounds. Of course, there are exceptions on both sides of that range.

6. How much power do they have?

 Generally, electric bikes in the U.S. will range from 250 watts to 750 watts. 750 watts is the maximum power to still be considered a bicycle and that equates to 1 horsepower.

7. Is it harder to pedal a Fat tire bike?

The increased weight makes fat bikes harder to pedal on normal terrains, like asphalt and pavement. For some people, this is a plus because it means you’re working a little harder while pedaling, thereby increasing the difficulty of your workout.

8. How can you calculate the range of an electric bike?

The maximum range of an electric bike can be found for each bike in the corresponding battery table. This range is based on favorable (weather) conditions: wonderfully calm, flat road surface, and a speed of 18-20 km /h. Under these circumstances, the range can be a bit shorter than average, because this also means that your bike has to work harder.


Now that you’ve completed this buyer’s guide, you should have all the knowledge you need to make a smart and well-informed decision as to precisely which bike is right for you. As you start looking at specific e-bike models, talking to retailers, and figuring out which bike you should buy, be sure to keep in mind your specific needs, interests, and expectations. These should include the type of riding you want to do, your current health needs, your goals for getting an e-bike, and what sort of terrain you’ll be riding across.

With all this in mind—and equipped with your expert knowledge—you can confidently dive into the exciting, dynamic, and rapidly expanding world of electric bikes. Good luck and enjoy the ride!


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