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7 Best Electric Bikes for Commuting in 2024 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

August 10, 2024
Best Electric Bikes for Commuting

The best electric bikes for commuting are generally the best bikes overall for newcomers to cycling, those returning to it after facing the exaggeration of a modest lifestyle, and more overweight people who want to light their bodies and mind. Ideally, they should be small and light enough to move through the city streets, offer enough range to get you to work and back, with the capability to carry everything you need. Although contrary to popular belief, you do get a workout on an electric bike; the battery doesn’t do all the work for you by any means, it just assists your pedaling rather than replacing it.

It is observed that Sales of e-bikes have been overwhelmed with the passage of time and the reason is that they are serving the easiest and simple lifestyle. A lot of that comes from the popularity of electric road and mountain bikes, but vitally, people are starting to reap the benefits of getting to and from work on an electric bike.

How to Choose the Best E-bike for Commuting?

What bike you choose depends on the demands of your commute, Mostly in the city commute due to traffic jams, horns and narrow streets you may feel like you are in hell so keep in mind all the factors you may find that what bikes you’re comfortable on, and also how much you’re willing to spend. So it is you Good luck to you, we’ve assembled a list of what we think are the best electric bikes for commuting out there.

Best Electric Bikes for Commuting – Comparison Table

Product Image

Product Name



Weight IBS



Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike

Mountain E-bike



Electric Bicycle, Sailnovo 14'' Electric Bike for Adults 




Viribus 3 Wheel Electric Bike for Adults 




ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike 350W 26'' Commuter Ebike




 Jasion EB5 Electric Bike for Adults with 360Wh Removable Battery




ECOTRIC 26" Electric Bike Bicycle 350W Adults Ebike




SOHOO 48V500W13Ah 26" Step-Thru Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle




Best Electric Bikes for Commuting – Product Reviews

1. Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike

Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike[Check Price on Amazon]

Key Features:

  • Motor:350W Brushless Geared Hub Motor
  • Battery: Removable 36V 10Ah removable lithium battery
  • Speed:19mph Top Speed
  • Miles coverage: Up to 25 miles(pure electric)/40miles range per charge (pedal assist)
  • Brakes Type: Dual Shock Absorber&Lights & Brakes
  • Design: Low-Step Frame Design
  • Modes:3 WORKING MODES (Pure electric mode & Intelligent 3 level pedal-assist mode and manual mode)
  • Gear systems: Shimano 7-Speed
  • Wheel size:26″ x 1.95“ puncture-resistant

It’s a perfect choice to improve your commuting experience. Enjoy a feature-complete, approachable step-thru, comfort-oriented, hybrid electric bicycle with a long-range removable battery. With a modular 36V, 10Ah battery, the Cityscape allows riders to travel up to 40 miles per charge using pedal assist. 350w rear-drive motor provides reliable support and 19mph top speed.

The electric bike already comes mostly pre-assembled so you won’t have to waste time with the complicated assembly. The integrated rear rack can attach panniers, platforms, or baskets and let the bike carry your cargo and next adventure. Heybike electric bikes combine modern technology with traditional bicycles to produce low carbon, green, high-quality electric bikes that will save time on the road, make off-roading more enjoyable, and make life easier and more fun.


  • Amazon’s choice
  • Quick removable modular battery lets you can charge the battery pack on or off the frame.
  • Adjustable frame for a comfortable ride
  • Freedom to store and use extra space for your belongings
  • A geared hub motor provides more torque from standstill and for climbing
  • Environment friendly


  • Long Battery charging time
  • Only suitable for city commuting

2. Electric Bicycle, Sailnovo 14” Electric Bike for Adults 

Electric Bicycle, Sailnovo 14'' Electric Bike for Adults [Check Price on Amazon]

Key Features:

  • Motor: 350W Powerful Motors
  • Battery: 36V 10.4AH lithium battery
  • Max Load: 265lbs/120kg
  • Max Speed: 18.6 MPH
  • Miles coverage: 28-45Miles
  • Charging Time: 5-6 Hours
  • Foldable
  • 14 inches air-filled tires

Reinforced with premium craftsmanship, a powerful motor, upgraded foldable mechanism, and a long-lasting removable battery, the Sailnovo Electric bike makes your everyday commute easier and more fun. This electric bicycle adopts a 36V 10.4Ah Lithium-Ion battery, 350W stable brushless motor, empowering each and with more speed, more freedom, and more fun. This ebike cruises up to 18.6 miles on a single charge and reach top speeds of 18.6 MPH. Switch to pedal mode, your range and top speeds aren’t limited by motor or battery life. Just enjoy your journey freely!


  • Quick folding design allows you to put it in your car trunk
  • height-adjustable seat gives you complete control over the comfort level of your adventure.
  • This electric bike adopts separate braking for the front and rear wheels to improve riding stability and safety.
  • Unique, fashionable, and convenient.
  • IP54 Waterproof technology for protecting battery and motor.


  • suitable for 4.1-5.1ft riders
  • 350W power is still not enough to enjoy uphill rides

3. Viribus 3 Wheel Electric Bike for Adults 

Viribus 3 Wheel Electric Bike for Adults[Check Price on Amazon]

Key Features:

  • 250W 36V/10Ah Battery
  • 15.5 mph Top Speed, 21.7 mi. Max. Range
  • Full Charging in under 4 Hours
  • Bright LED Headlight
  • Electric Bike Bell
  • Realtime LCD Display
  • 3 Modes: Powered, Manual, & Hybrid
  • Premium Rubber Tires
  • Large Rear Basket
  • 24” wheels

electric tricycle features an efficient 250W, 36V 10A lithium battery for peak power and speed, achieving 20 miles (32KM) on a single charge. The High-Speed Brushless gear motor easily assists you to travel at speeds up to 15.5 MPH (25km/h). With the option to pedal, you can get some exercise by riding it like a traditional bicycle, or simply turn on the motor and run it like a smooth motorcycle.


  • Convenient cargo space
  • Safe and sturdy
  • Quick charging time
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Large durable wheels for the amazing ride


  • Traditional look
  • Not suitable for a mountain ride.
  • Heavyweight

4. ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike 350W 26” Commuter Ebike

ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike 350W 26'' Commuter Ebike[Check Price on Amazon]

Key Features:

  • Motor: 36V 350W high-speed brushless gear motors
  • Lithium-ion  36V 10.4Ah
  • Frame: Aluminum alloy 6061
  • Brake: Front and rear disc brakes
  • Fork: High strength steel fork
  • Derailleur: 21 Speed Gears
  • Maximum speed: 32km/h 20mph
  • Rims: Aluminum double-walled rims
  • Load capacity: 300 lbs
  • Charging time: 4-6 hours
  • Mileage: Throttle mode(38km/22miles)-pedal assist mode(38km/22miles–65km/40miles)

This electric bike adopts the 36V 10.4Ah Lithium-Ion battery, 350W stable brushless motor, empowering each and with more speed, more freedom, and more fun. Whether you’re looking for a faster commute, a more effective workout, or enhanced weekend riding thrills, the ancheer e-bike with a reasonable charge delivers on all fronts.


  • PX4 Water-resistant Technology for Battery and Motor
  • Great for Commuting or Off-Road Adventures
  • Shimano 21-Speed gear increases stronger hill-climbing power, further range variation, and greater terrain adaptability.
  • Quick-release skewer to lock the front wheel
  • High battery capacity
  • 85% pre-assembled
  • Very sturdy due to lightweight frame


  • Small frame
  • Not suitable for tall heighted people

5. Jasion EB5 Electric Bike for Adults with 360Wh Removable Battery

Jasion EB5 Electric Bike for Adults with 360Wh Removable Battery[Check Price on Amazon]

Key Features:

  • Motor:350W Brushless Geared Motor
  • Battery: Removable 36V 10AH lithium battery
  • Weight:49.6lbs/22.5kg (including battery)
  • Estimated Max Range Up to 25 miles(pure electric)/40miles range per charge (pedal assist)
  • Speed 20mph Top Speed
  • Gears Shimano 7-Speed
  • Suspension Front Fork Suspension
  • Display Upgraded LCD Display
  • Tire 26″ x 1.95“
  • Recommended Height 5’4″-6’4″
  • Charging Time 5-6 Hours

The EB5 e-bike is a classic design equipped with a 360Wh lithium-lon battery, which covers a range of up to 25-40 miles per charge for 5-6 hours so that it can meet travel or daily commute needs. A removable battery makes charging more convenient whether you are at home or in the office. 350w brushless motor provides reliable support and 20 mph top speed.


  • sensitive brake system provides sufficient braking force even in the harshest conditions.
  • Well-built Saddle
  • The large LCD screen guarantees you to catch your statistics easily.
  • Inbuilt USB port 
  • Powerful motor
  • Little effort is required to pedal the e-bike.


  • Cost-effective but still some missing features
  • Long battery charging time
  • A light frame may be unsuitable for heavy loadings.

6. ECOTRIC 26″ Electric Bike Bicycle 350W Adults Ebike Shimano 7 Speed Gears UL Certified E-Bike

ECOTRIC 26" Electric Bike Bicycle 350W Adults Ebike Shimano 7 Speed Gears UL Certified E-Bike[Check Price on Amazon]

Key Features:

  • The large-capacity lithium-ion battery of 36V 12.5AH.
  • range of up to 20-35 miles
  • Powerful Rear Hub motor 36V 350W
  • 6-8 Hours charging time
  • Digital LED display with Cadence sensor
  • Four working modes (Pedal Assist, Throttle Assist, fully electric, and booster).
  • Front and rear mechanical brakes
  • 7 Speed SHIMANO gear system
  • High-Strength Carbon Steel frame
  • Anti-skid 26 ×1.95′ Tires
  • Max Speed: 21 mph. (Rider weight<220LBS, flat road, and full power)

This electric bike is specially designed for your daily travel and relaxation. Rear hub 350W motor, providing strong driving force, provide enough energy for your daily commute, cruise in the mountains, or ride along your favorite trails. This Model is UL Certified Product. UL certifications demonstrate that our products have been tested to applicable safety standards.


  • Amazon’s choice
  • UL certified
  • Great speed controlling system, that is why it is great for fitness if your daily commute.
  • Outage braking system and Mechanical braking system, work along both lines, provide security for your trip.
  • Quick installation.


  • Recommended for users under 265 pounds.
  • Long battery charging time

7. SOHOO 48V500W13Ah 26″ Step-Thru Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle City E-Bike Mountain Bike

SOHOO 48V500W13Ah 26" Step-Thru Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle City E-Bike Mountain Bike[Check Price on Amazon]

Key Features:

  • Battery: Removable anti-theft battery (you can bring it to your home to recharge); 48V13AH Lithium Battery 
  • Range: 55–65 miles
  • Top Speed: 25MPH/Hour
  • Braking: 180mm Double Disc Brake
  • Tire Type: 26”x2.235
  • Gears: 7S Shimano Drivetrain
  • Charger: 48V/2A Smart Charger
  • Charging: 6+Hours (Powerless than 10%)
  • Working modes: Walk mode, Throttle Mode, Pedal-assisted Mode, Regular bicycle Mode.
  •  intelligent M5 LCD Display 

Inspired by those long rides up and down the coast, this electric beach cruiser design will make your trip a breeze while riding in style. Whether you are out for a short cruise to the beach or a long trip, the relaxed and laid-back riding position is all about comfort and ease allowing you to enjoy the scene you love.

A large capacity 48V13Ah removable anti-theft Lithium battery (you can bring it to your home or office to recharge); 48V500 Watt (915 Peak Watt) rear-drive motor and intelligent M5 LCD Display ( 5 Power Levels, Pedal-Assist Level, Speed, Voltage, Battery Life, Temperature Gauge, Trip Distance, Ride Time & Odometer), the core components to provide excellent quality performance and will help you reach 25mph with ease.


  • Large capacity battery.
  • Different working modes allow you to enjoy all types of rides you want even with pedal assist mode you can perform an exercise to become physically fit.
  • Shimano 7S drivetrain provides accurate and smooth shifting to ensure safer travel
  • It is composed of durable aluminum alloy material
  • Equipped with a Detachable and Sturdy Luggage Rack that helps you to carry your stuff.


  • Difficult to control if you don’t understand the working modes.
  • Battery charge time is quite long.

Best Electric Bikes for Commuting FAQ’S:

  1. What’s the point of an electric bike?

Electric bikes add power to your pedal power enabling you to do more with a bicycle and have more fun! For many people, e-bikes help them

  1. How much power do they have?

 Generally, electric bikes in the U.S. will range from 250 watts to 750 watts. 750 watts is the maximum power to still be considered a bicycle and that equates to 1 horsepower.

  1. Can I charge the battery by pedaling?

 Some electric bikes have this feature but this requires a substantial amount of your pedal power, so be ready for one heck of a workout! Some of these same e-bikes have regenerative braking that will charge the battery as you are braking, similar to the way electric cars do.

  1. Can you get any exercise on an electric bike?

Absolutely! You decide how much exercise you want to get by adjusting the power assist level on the bike.

  1. How long does it take to charge the battery?

Most electric bike batteries will fully charge from empty in 3 to 6 hours depending on the battery size.

  1. Which motor is used in the electric bike?

Three-phase motors are the most popular among all the configurations and are widely used in E-bikes. The stator of a BLDC motor consists of stacked steel laminations with windings placed in the slots that are axially cut along the inner periphery.

  1. Will the electric bike arrive assembled?

Your bike will arrive 99% assembled (with any accessories you have added to the order, fitted to the e-bike) and will be delivered in one of our specially designed boxes. Someone needs to be available to sign for the parcel. The box is rather large, our courier will help you carry it in, but they may not enter the property and carry it upstairs.

  1. Where can I buy spare parts for my electric bike?

Remember all of the components are regular cycle components, so you can pick up spares e.g inner tubes, tires brake pads, etc from any good cycle shop.

  1. How often should I have my electric bike serviced?

You should have your e-bike serviced just the same as your regular bike. Just because it is electric-assisted doesn’t mean it requires more frequent servicing. In most instances an annual service is enough, however, customers using their bikes more frequently or in more extreme environments may require more frequent servicing.

  1. What about leaving my electric bicycle out in the rain?

The motor and battery are sufficiently sealed to be protected from the rain. However, we do suggest that if you are carrying your bike on the back of a car and the rain is in the forecast, you place the battery inside the car. Driving 70mph in a downpour with the battery exposed is like pressure-washing your battery

Best Electric Bikes for Commuting Buyer’s Guide:


Usually, e-bikes have two types of motors.

  1. Mid-drive motor 
  2. Hub motor

They both have their benefits. Hub motors tend to be a little easier to operate if you are a newbie cyclist because they have minimal gear shifting. Mid-drives tend to get a little better range for equivalent battery capacity because you’ll get more efficiency by shifting. Practically, you get better hill climbing with a mid-drive, you’ll usually find both types will climb just about any hill.

But in my opinion, a Mid-drive motor is best to use if you want to be a terrains winner.


The determination of the range of e-bike is another important factor if you want to commute and it depends on whether you pedal or just use a throttle without pedaling, along with what level of assistance you use. Some electric bikes have dual property resulting from combining human pedal power with electric power, so we’ll tell you the expected range when you do both. With relaxed pedaling expect 22-50 miles on a single charge for most e-bikes. Sometimes you may travel long. few bikes available in the market that can are covering 80+ miles on a single charge. The range will also be impacted by the battery capacity, the hills, wind, and your size. Many electric bikes pedal easily as regular bikes. So you can extend the range even further by using little or no power on level surfaces and downhill.


The electric bikes available in the U.S are lithium-ion batteries, which will provide a minimum of 500 full charge cycles at which point the battery will hold about 80% of its original capacity. Some batteries have the efficiency to deliver up to 1200 charge cycles. If you recharge the battery when it is only 50% depleted, that counts as only half of one charge cycle. If you usually use your e-bike in pedal-assist mode, combining both pedal power and electric power, you can expect to go 10,000-30,000 miles before replacing your battery. That is a lot of miles on a bicycle.


Commuters should be Sturdy enough so you cant get late to your work or school, that’s why I have discussed mostly pedelec bikes with 20mph speed. They also need to have enough power to get you to and from your destination without flushing your skin. Some of these bikes fall in the class 3 category of regulation or you can alter them to be adjusted in class 3.


A commuter bike should be comfortable enough so you can enjoy the long drives great ergonomic means that your bike should be cushioned with extra suspensions like a soft seat so you get better posture, sweat-free handles, maintain an efficient enough body position that your pedaling gets you somewhere.

Other Features:

If we talk about other feathers then mainly the question that arises in my mind is whether either it should have some digital display lights with louder bells. or additionally Will the bike helps you navigate, carry your bag on a fence. it must have a USB charging port or Bluetooth connector so you can enjoy some musical ride. Commuter e-bikes are mainly substituents of cars, so they should have some of the same features.


We have tried to bring the best option for you. this will ultimately save your time and effort if you want to get the best electric commuter bikes. They look like traditional bikes but they are vehicles having electrical energy cutting off your fuel expenses. Electric bikes are faster, and they can greatly reduce your commuting time. E-bikes have electric pedal assistance, which gives you the extra boost you need to maintain your desired speed while reaching to sthe destination.

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