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The best ebike accessories

August 22, 2024
The best ebike accessories

Riding an ebike is always a good plan. It does not matter if you have to go to work and cross the whole city on your e-bike, or if you are on vacation and you can ride around the different places at the speed you want. You can’t forget of the best ebike accessories for your trip to be more safe and comfortable.

However, there are some ways to make your e-bike riding experience even better. This can be achieved by using accessories that go with your bike or for you to use while riding a bike. Thus, the experience will be elevated, and you can be safer or look better while using the bike.

To make it easier for you, we have divided this list of the best e-bike accessories into different categories: safety accessories, accessories for your bike, and accessories for you to use while riding your e-bike.

Best ebike accessories for you to use while riding your ebike

A backpack for cyclists. You must choose a backpack for cyclists and not a common one since these are ergonomically made so that you can use them even while riding at high speeds. They are also super useful because the bikes do not have storage space, so with them, you can carry what you need.

A fluorescent vest or thermal shirt. We recommend that you have at least some fluorescent-colored clothing or a vest like those used by people who order traffic. These could also enter the category of security accessories since with those colors, you will be much more visible. Thermal clothing will help you withstand the cold in a better way.

Buy yourself a pair of gloves. By wearing gloves, you will have a better grip and control of the handlebar as well as additional damping, thanks to the vibration-absorbing gel materials. In addition to that, the gloves will help you with the annoying sweat of the palms of the hands, which sometimes could be even dangerous; in cold weather, they will also help you reduce the numbness of the hands and will also be the first filter to avoid injuries if an accident occurs.

Best ebike accessories to travel safer

In some cases, these accessories are also intended for you to use. For example, the helmet and some glasses. The glasses are of great help since there is nothing to protect your eyes while you ride a bike, so with the glasses, you prevent the wind or anything else from entering your eyes and damaging them. The helmet is mandatory, and if you use a bike, you must wear a helmet.

Buy a lock or chain. You must keep your bike safe while you are working or doing activities, so you must have a quality lock. In this way, you can be more relaxed that your bike is safe while you do everything you want. Today there are many types and varieties of price, the most expensive (but the most effective) are those padlocks with a fingerprint so that no one can open them but you.

Buy lights for your bike. You should always be visible to anyone else, from pedestrians to car or truck drivers. That is why you have to have a rear lamp, and a front lamp considered one of the main forms of safety for riding a bike. In some cities, it is the law or a rule that all bikes that circulate at night or on cloudy days must have front and rear lights.

Accessories for your bike

Bicycle pump. As much as it is an ebike, you need to always have the wheels inflated for it to work properly. Inflators are probably the best e-bike accessories, so make sure you have at least one.

Lock-on grips for the handlebar of your ebike. Lock-On grips are a perfect alternative if you find your grips won’t stop moving. Moving your grips can cause an imbalance in the handlebars and the consequent fall. You have them with two Lock-On closures or with just one on the inside. If you install them on your bike, be very careful not to overtighten the screw of the closures because they require a very low tightening torque and you can break them or unintentionally pass the threads.

A multi-tool ready for any emergency that might come in clutched under your seat. You can choose a very compact one that does not weigh, knowing that you will have fewer types of tools included or one of those that come with everything but are heavier.

Other things that can be useful if you have an ebike

A bike cleaning kit. We often think passing a damp cloth is enough to leave your bike clean, but you must clean it well. Especially e-bikes, which have a motor and a delicate battery. We recommend that you buy a kit made especially for them since some are specifically designed to avoid damaging the most sensitive elements of your e-bike.

A portable battery charger. You don’t need to take this on all your bike trips, but you do need to take it when you go on vacation or when you go to work, as you never know when you might run out of charge (especially in the early days of using an e-bike), and a portable charger can save you from a pinch.

A GPS is suitable for bicycles. This bicycle accessory is almost mandatory for the most adventurous cyclists who have a passion for touring mountains, beaches, deserts, lakes, and fields. A bicycle GPS can make your bike trip more pleasant and safer.

GPS usually has its advantages: battery life and better signal to find satellites. A good GPS today is very cheap. You can find many offers at Biciscope at very reasonable prices.

Support to place your cell phone on the bike. It not only serves to see your messages at a stop or traffic light but also to see maps and routes if you do not have a GPS, your mobile will always be at hand to guide you by placing it in front of you at all times. There are universal mounts for bicycle mobiles and specific mounts for special brands.

To help you choose your bike, we created a review and buyer’s guide with the best electric bikes for commuting. Check here: Best Electric Bikes for Commuting in 2024.

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