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How fast is a 350w ebike

September 12, 2024
How fast is a 350w ebike

When we are looking for a new e-bike or looking for spare parts for the one we already have, hundreds of letters and numbers appear to show what the particular characteristics of the bikes are. In the case of e-bikes, the most common is a number accompanied by the letter “W” which symbolizes watts. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about it, and above all, we will explain how fast is a 350w ebike.

In this way, when you have to buy a new e-bike or the spare parts for your electric bicycle, then you will already know exactly what you are looking for, and the process will be much easier.

What are watts and how do they influence my ebike?

At this point, we’ll sound like your chemistry teacher, but we’ll make sure to give the simplest answer (after all, we’re not taking any tests for you!).

The easiest answer we can give you is that the power and speed your e-bike can reach will depend directly on the number of watts the motor has (represented by the famous letter W).

When you are buying new electric bikes, or if you are looking for spare parts for the one you already have, you will probably come across other letters such as Ah, V, and Wh, now we will tell you a little about them.

The autonomy or range is linked to the Ampere / Hour (Ah) that the battery is capable of providing. The Voltage (V) of the system is generally taken into account, so the battery capacity is expressed in Watts/Hour (Wh).

The intensity of current passing through the motor windings is measured in Amperes (A). Therefore, the battery, controller and motor are governed by different units. In any case, you must not forget that there are also many other mechanical, electrical and external factors that determine the real behavior of the bike.

How fast is a 350w ebike?

In the world of e-bikes, 350W is fairly standard power, since generally, the lowest level is 250W. If you have an e-bike with this power, then you can reach speeds of 25km/h. In some cases, it can reach peaks of 35km/h.

Although it can reach these speed peaks, it is not recommended to use it at more than 20km/h, since going to speed peaks can overstrain the motor and the battery, having negative consequences.

Finally, the speed depends on the terrain you ride and the weight of your bike. If it is a bike whose total weight is more than 45 kilos, then a power of 350W can help you reach between 15km/h or 20km/h as stable numbers.

Is it advisable to use a 350w ebike?

It always depends on what is the use that you will give to the e-bike, but it is highly recommended. Mainly if you plan to use it in the city, this is a perfect power. Keep in mind that only in the peaks does it go above 20km/h, so it usually stays within the legally required speed numbers, so you won’t have any kind of problem.

It is a good way to go safely through the city and know that you will arrive at your destination at a stable pace. If you want an e-bike for adventure tourism or to ride other terrains, then we recommend a power of at least 750W.

How can I make a 350W ebike go faster?

There are different ways on how to make an e-bike faster (in fact we dedicate an entire article to it, do not hesitate to check it out!). The most popular is removing cruise control.

A change in the battery and in the motor can also be useful to take a bike with a power of 350W to 750W, but you should be advised by a professional since perhaps the frame and wheels of your bike are not prepared for that power.

What is the highest speed an ebike reaches?

They are not very popular, mainly because they are illegal to use in cities, but the maximum speed an e-bike can reach is between 80km/h and 100km/h. These are usually the 5000W e-bikes, which are controversial as they technically fall into the category of motorcycles, even if you keep the frame and wheels of an e-bike.

There is also the category of so-called “High-Speed e-bikes”. Ebikes with 350W also fall into this category, since basically all those that exceed 250W are included. They are not necessarily competition e-bikes, but they are bikes that if you make an effort you can reach high speeds.

Is a 350W ebike very noisy?

Not, fortunately! Only e-bikes that exceed 1000w make some noise, but when it’s a number as low as 350W there is nothing to worry about. With the help of this e-bike, you can say goodbye to noise pollution.

If you start to hear a lot of noise from the motor of your e-bike, then it is a sign that something is wrong, or that it is of poor quality. Whatever the case, take it to a professional who can help you, as you can avoid a major inconvenience.

In Conclusion: Can I use my ebike in the street if the power is 350W?

According to the legislation of different parts of the world (the United States, the European Union, etc), the motor of an electric bicycle cannot exceed 25 Kms/h and the power must be less than 250W in case you want to use it in urban areas without permission. The engine should also stop when you stop pedaling.

In case your e-bike does not fall within these limits, then you will have to get a permit to drive it. Keep in mind that if you exceed these limits, you will be classified as a motorcycle, so you will need a driving license. The good thing is that you should not ride alone on the bike lane, and you can use it in other places on the street (not on the sidewalks).

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