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What to look for in an electric bike

November 9, 2024
What to look for in an electric bike

What to look for in an electric bike: An ebike is one of the best purchases you can make. This works like a normal bike, only it also gives you the option of having practically no effort when you pedal. So you can get anywhere on your ebike without sweating all the way.

There are hundreds of benefits of ebikes (in fact we did an entire article about it!), but here we will focus on the different factors that you should take into account before buying an ebike.

What to look for in an electric bike: Size is key

The most important thing when choosing an ebike to use is the size of the bike based on your own height. There are some measurement techniques to know if it is correct for you, although we recommend that you buy it in a store where they allow you to sit on the bike, and even better if they let you take a ride, so you can know if it is comfortable for you or if you need another size of ebike.

If the store does not offer that opportunity, or if it is online, then we recommend that you ask for advice so they give you a guide with sizes and measurements. Ebikes usually range from XS to XXL, but there are other custom sizes, so don’t give up hope if you’re too tall or too short and can’t find the right size at first.

Make it foldable only if you need that functionality

It can be tempting to spend a little extra money to get a foldable bike, but we recommend that you only go for an ebike with that functionality if you really intend to use it.

For example, if your ebike is foldable, you can easily store it in a car to go on a trip, you can put it inside your office if you went to work with it, or you can even fold it before getting on public transport.

However, not everything is rosy with folding ebikes. In some cases, using this functionality a lot can cause its different parts to wear out faster. Or that it costs you a lot to put it back together, wasting time without meaning.

For that reason, we recommend that you evaluate what are the uses that you will give to your ebike, to think if it is really worth choosing a foldable one. Another option is to buy a folding one but only use that functionality when absolutely necessary to avoid extra wear and tear.

Make sure the motor is the right one for what you need

The motor of an ebike and its power can vary greatly, so you have to focus on making it the right one for the use you will give your ebike. The engine of an ebike that is going to be used on the streets of a city is not the same as that of a bike that is going to be used on mountain roads or to compete.

The power of the engine is the most important of it, but you must make sure that it does not break the regulations of your country. To give you an idea, in the countries of the European Union the maximum power that an ebike motor can have is 250W. Also remember that in that same region, as in other countries, ebikes cannot have a motor that helps them go over 25 kilometres per hour.

If you have planned to give your ebike a demanding use, then you should choose an ebike that has the electric motor located on the axis of the bottom bracket as they are the most resistant and reliable. A demanding use for a bike could be to go on mountain roads, or to go very long distances in a short time, making the ebike reach its limit quickly.

In electric touring bikes or those that you are going to use to go through the streets of the town, it is more common to see proposals with a wheel-hub-type motor, located in the hub of the rear wheel.

That the battery has to be the right one for what you need

The battery is one of the most important parts of the ebikes since it is what allows them to function as such. Without a battery, ebikes would be ordinary bicycles, and for that same reason, it is so important that you make sure that the battery is the right one for the type of function that you are going to give to the bike.

You should look at the power it has, and its capacity. We have some articles on that subject that can be helpful as a guide. In addition to that, you should always buy an ebike that has a battery that is easy to remove, so in case it fails you can change it yourself without having to take it to a professional. It is always recommended to buy an ebike that has a removable battery. Extracting it we can take it home to charge it regardless of where the bicycle is.

The best battery brands are Bosch, Fazua, and Yamaha, among others. If the ebike comes with some of those brands, then you can know that it is trustworthy and that it will not fail. In any case, if you have another brand you should not be scared or completely discard it from your list of possible ebikes since in some cases the manufacturers have their own line of batteries that is more compatible with the motor of the ebike that they prepare, so you can ask the seller about that before making the purchase.

In conclusion

The size of the ebike is the main factor because if the size is not right then you will not be able to use it to go anywhere. The motor and the battery are also essential, but the advantage of these elements is that if they malfunction, you can replace them without any problem.

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