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How to make an ebike faster

September 8, 2024
How to make an ebike faster

One of the main reasons people switch from regular bikes to e-bikes is to be able to go faster. Anyway, even e-bikes have certain speed limits, the same goes for traffic regulations. In this article, we will tell you how to make an ebike faster.

Some tips are more difficult to follow than others, but all of them will help you achieve the goal of making your electric bike go at a higher speed.

Make sure the battery is well charged

Many people don’t know it, but the charge of your battery influences the speed at which your electric bike can go. The math is simple, if there is no battery, the e-bike does not receive the necessary energy to function, that is why if the charge is in percentages greater than 60%, your electric bike will be able to reach maximum speed without problems.

The speed of the electric motor of the bicycle depends on the voltage, therefore it is advisable to charge as often as possible. If the battery is low, then you will not be able to reach the maximum speeds of your ebike.

Make sure your wheel rims are correct for the terrain you are on

The right choice of tires can help you hit the highest speeds. Remember that this always depends on the use to which the bicycle is going to be dedicated, so it is convenient to adapt the tires for the type of terrain that you are going to cover with them.

Mountain ebike wheels have excellent grip but their wide contact width can be a negative on city streets, not allowing you to reach higher speeds. Smooth tires are much more advisable to walk around the city or towns. In case you use it on both types of terrain, do not hesitate to look for hybrid tires that can be used in both cases.

You should also make sure your tires are properly inflated. The higher the tire pressure, the lower the rolling resistance. While this allows you to reach higher speeds, it has the disadvantage that you lose a certain level of comfort as you will feel the unevenness of the terrain throughout the bike.

Change your body position

If you change your body position to one that is more “crouched” then you will be able to go faster as aerodynamics are increased, increasing speed. This action has two major disadvantages: discomfort and greater insecurity, so it is only advisable to follow if you are in trouble.

It is the position that professional cyclists or those who compete in races have thanks to its effectiveness. If you are walking around the city then just bend over a bit, do not take it to the extreme as you will end up with back pain and have a higher risk of having an accident.

Change the motor of your electric bike

If your bike does not reach such high speeds, it may be that the problem is in the limits of the motor of your electric bicycle. The higher the watts, volts, and amps of your electric bike, the higher speeds it will be able to reach.

To give you an idea, the one allowed in cities is a 250W to 350W motor that can reach speeds of up to 30km/h. On the other hand, there are e-bikes with powers of up to 5000W that reach speeds of almost 100km/h, which is super fast and is not allowed in cities. We have other articles where we explain everything about the power and the different levels that your e-bike can have, so you know which one is right for you.

Make modifications to the motor or software of your electric bike

This is one of the most questionable, but also most used ways of how to unlock e-bike speed. You can do this by modifying the software (if you have one) or by changing the characteristics of the engine.

In the case of the software, you can “trick” it by telling it that the size of the wheel is smaller than the real one. As the speed measurement is done by counting the revolutions made by the wheel, the software will deduce that the speed is less and will allow you to go faster.

On the other hand, some kits allow you to remove the speed limiter, or some mechanics offer to do that type of work. This works, but it is not recommended and then we will tell you why.

What are the disadvantages of going at higher speeds by unlocking the speed limit?

The truth is that even the most beautiful flowers have thorns. Even if you can see that it is positive to reach higher speeds, you should be aware of the disadvantages that this can have for you.

For these disadvantages, we focus on the case that you have removed the speed limit (either with a special kit, legally or illegally, etc.).

One of the main disadvantages is that you can lose the warranty on your electric bike. The main brands do not recommend making changes to the system of your electric bike, for the same reason, they can revoke your guarantee if they observe that you had changed something on the e-bike.

Another disadvantage is the great wear that the engine will go through. You must bear in mind that the engine will work for a longer time, so you will increase its wear. The electrical demand will be higher and this could have a great impact on the life of your electric bicycle in the long run.

In conclusion

It is recommended to follow the first tips that have to do with the wheels or your posture since altering the software or the engine can have negative consequences. Before altering an engine it is advisable to buy one that can reach higher speeds to save you so much trouble. Finally, speed limits exist for a reason, so it’s always a good idea to follow them.

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