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The best electric bike for delivery

September 1, 2024
The best electric bike for delivery

Bikes can become great friends of ours, as they take us anywhere we need to go. In some cases, bikes can become your work tool, for example, if you work in delivery. In this article, we bring you a list of the best electric bike for delivery.

Anyone who works as a delivery person needs an e-bike. Electric bikes will make your work easier since you will not have to pedal as much, so you will not be so tired and you can make your workday not so tiring. This is even more important when you work in delivery applications like freelancers since you depend on yourself there and can work as many hours as you want.

Whether you are a person looking for an e-bike to improve your work day, or you are an employer looking for the best way for your employees to get the job done, then you are in the right place.

What is an electric bike for delivery?

Electric bikes for delivery are those that can be used in large cities without any problem. In some cases, hunting e-bikes or those that are off-road are not legally approved for use in urban centers since they have fat tires or motors with such great powers that they make them fall into the category of motorcycles.

With e-bikes for delivery, you do not need a driving license unless your employer requires one specifically. These types of e-bikes are designed for city streets and to be used for a large number of hours a day. Now without further ado, we will give you our top with the best electric bikes for delivery.

The list of the best electric bike for delivery

Rad Power Rad Expand 5

This e-bike has a motor with a power of 750W, and it was not created to be used for delivery, but you can use it with that function. Something that makes it unique is that it is a folding e-bike, so if you live in a small place you can store it, or if you have to combine deliveries by truck or car with a bike, you can do it without problems with this e-bike.

It has 20-inch wheels so it’s stable enough to roll around town for hours. Its battery lasts 45 miles so you can give as many laps as you need to the city. If you have a delivery company, or you need many e-bikes, this is our main recommendation.

You can get it for just over $1200, so it’s a good option to buy a few and have a fleet of delivery boys and girls working around town.

Ecotric Rocket Electric Bike

The motor of this e-bike has a power of 500W, which is a little less than the previous one, but keep in mind that for riding around the city it is a pretty good number and above all useful. With this bike, you can be sure that you will never have to walk since the Ecotric Rocket Electric Bike simply does not fail.

This e-bike can load up to 260lbs and has 26-inch tires. It has a style more similar to that of mountain bikes, which makes it quite stable. Think that if it is a bike that can calmly ride uneven terrain full of dirt and rocks, it will work wonders on city streets.

Jupiter Defiant Electric Bike

This bike has a smaller size than the ones listed above, but don’t think that makes it inferior or worse, on the contrary. It is a bike with a powerful motor that reaches 750W, and its battery lasts up to 40 miles without the need to be charged first.

As much as it physically looks smaller than the others, don’t forget that there are times when appearances are deceiving. Think that with this Jupiter Defiant Electric Bike you can load up to 300lbs, which is more than what you could with the ones listed above.

Rattan LM750 Electric Bike

This e-bike is a real beast, perfect for the jungle that the city can be. Although they were intended as mountain bikes, most people use them on city streets. This bike comes with a foldable model perfect if you have little storage space or if you have to put it in a car or truck.

Its battery lasts 60 miles, although some people say it can last up to 80 miles if you don’t demand it that much, if you use it for delivery you should demand it a lot. However, 60 miles is more than the other e-bikes on the list so that’s a pretty good number.

Pure Flux One Electric Hybrid Bike

Perhaps this e-bike is not the first that comes to mind when you think of delivery e-bikes, but it is a great option. We include it in this list because it is cheaper than the previous ones (you can find it at prices starting at $800).

Again, if you must buy in bulk, or if you don’t have a lot of money and want to make an investment, this e-bike is a great option. Although it is a little cheaper than the others listed, this does not mean that the Pure Flux One Electric Hybrid Bike is bad.

On the contrary! It has a duration of 25 miles for each full battery charge and weighs only 17.5kg so you can load it everywhere if necessary. It has a power of 250W and in 5 hours of charging it reaches the full battery.

Conclusion on the best electric bike for delivery

What makes an e-bike the best electric bike for delivery is that you feel comfortable on it. Think that it will be your work tool, so you must choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

Bear in mind that you will be sitting on it for long hours a day, going from one side of the city to another, so comfort is the main feature, and all the bikes on this list offer it.

Then, the other variables such as power, battery life, or weight that they support must be evaluated according to the use that you will give to the bike, and in which areas you must do delivery work.

If you want, visit our buyer’s guide and reviews here about Best Electric Bikes For 2024. 


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