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How fast does a 2000w electric bike go

September 16, 2024
How fast does a 2000w electric bike go

Electric bicycles are without a doubt one of the best inventions of recent years. It combines the best of both worlds since with it you can go to all the places that you can enter with a common bicycle, and also you do not have to make so much effort pedaling. In this article, we’ll tell you how fast does a 2000w electric bike go.

For people who are looking for a more sustainable way to go to work or to go to school, e-bikes are the perfect tool to do it and they don’t have to sweat as much.

However, there are some features of e-bikes that can be difficult to understand. Especially when they start to enter numbers and letters like W, V, or who knows what else. For that same reason, we bring you an article where we will tell you how fast does a 2000w electric bike go.

In this way, you will be able to know if a 2000W is perfect for you, or if you need more or less power. In addition, it is good information to have for when you are comparing the different electric bicycles on the market.

How fast does a 2000w electric bike go

An electric bike that has a motor with a power of 2000W can reach a speed of up to 69km/h (43mph) if it is on flat ground. It is important to note that this is an average number, but there are different factors that can intervene.

For example, if it is mountainous or irregular terrain, it can go at a stable speed of 40km/h. This is still a good speed as going at higher speeds in hilly terrain is somewhat dangerous.

Another factor that influences is the weight of the electric bike in general and the weight that the bike has to carry. On the one hand, the frame and the wheels are the components that give your electric bike the most weight, and on the other hand, your weight (or that of the things you carry) also has an influence. If it is something very light then it can reach 70km/h (although it will not exceed it). If it is a heavy bike, it can maintain a stable speed of 35km/h to 45km/h.

If your electric bike is running out of battery, this will also negatively affect the speed at which your e-bike can reach. Even if it has a power of 2000W, if the battery is low then it will not be able to reach very high speeds.

Can I go at lower speeds with my 2000W ebike?

Of course! The average of 69km/h is the maximum speed it can reach, but you can regulate it. Basically, you shouldn’t over-shift, or you can lower the intensity with which you’re pedaling.

Remember that the speed control will help you set the limit that you want, so you can configure it so that it can only reach x maximum amount of speed, and you will avoid any type of inconvenience.

Is it legal to use ebikes with a power of 2000W in cities or urban centers?

This depends on the legislation of each city, there are even times that it can change depending on the municipality, county, or town in which you are, so you must be attentive to the current regulations in each case.

Generally, the maximum allowed is 250W in urban centers, so this motor with 2000W power far exceeds it. In those cases, it is recommended that you put a speed limit control on your e-bike, or otherwise, that you do the necessary paperwork.

Think that with this power the e-bike would pass into the category of a motorcycle, so you need a particular driver’s license, and you must ride the streets, not the bike paths.

Is there any risk if the ebike is very fast?

Honestly, there are more risks if your e-bike is fast. This is because electric bikes are not made to go at speeds greater than 50km/h, otherwise, they would become motorcycles. Of course, with motors that exceed 2000W, there are e-bikes that can reach speeds of 100km/h, but this does not mean that it is safe.

You must always respect the posted speed limits, both those of your e-bike and those of the place where you are. If your e-bike provider told you that you shouldn’t go over 40km/h, then don’t run your bike at speeds that go higher than that (even if you can make the modifications to do so). If the maximum street speed is 20km/h, then stay within that limit.

Life is not a race, you are not competing, much less with an e-bike. You don’t prove anything by going faster than the allowed speeds, so don’t do it. Going at speeds outside the limit will put your life and the lives of others at risk.

What is the recommended power for an ebike?

This depends on the use that you will give to your e-bike, but here we will give you some tips so that you can easily calculate what is the indicated power that your electric bike should have.

If you’re going to be riding around town, or on flat streets with no hills at all (or very few hills), then 250W to 350W is the number to go for your bike’s power.

If you plan to go to mountainous terrain, ride in the snow, or if you have to do activities that require more power, then between 750W to 1000W will be the perfect number for your electric bike. Any number higher than that is usually just recommended for competitive purposes. 

In conclusion

Finally, a simple conclusion that can be reached from this article is that a 2000W e-bike can go quite fast. Now the important thing is that you choose wisely and decide if that is the right speed for what you are looking for or not. Remember that there are e-bikes that go from 100W to 5000W, so you have plenty of room to choose from.

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