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How to take a bike wheel off

October 31, 2024
How to take a bike wheel off

How to take a bike wheel off? Bicycles are a means of transport superior to the rest. They help you exercise, you don’t have so many problems with traffic since you can avoid congestion quickly, and you are also not polluting the environment.

The only disadvantage that they may have at first glance is that the wheels tend to deteriorate faster than the wheels of a car, so it is likely that you will have to change them more than once a year. For some people, changing a bike wheel can be a headache, but we assure you that it is something much simpler than you think.

In this article, we will tell you everything about How to take a bike wheel off. Thus, the next time a wheel change or a repair is necessary, you can do it yourself, without the need to take it to the workshop. Do not forget to read our extra tips and safety advice as they are of great help when removing the wheel and for the checks that you must do after putting a wheel back on.

How to take a bike wheel off Step by step

The step-by-step guide of how to take a bike wheel off is much faster than you imagine. In any case, later we will explain other details in greater depth so if something is not clear to you, do not worry.

  1. Position the chain on the first or second sprocket
  2. open the brakes
  3. Loosen the pin (with the help of a skewer)
  4. Open the diverter manually
  5. push the wheel

To put the wheel back:

  1. Put the chain on the first or second sprocket
  2. push the derailleur
  3. Make sure the frame falls into position on the pin by exerting a little pressure on the frame itself.
  4. Close the pin (with the help of a skewer)
  5. Centre and close the brakes

How to remove the cover, the inner tube and the rim tape of the old wheel

There are times that we simply want to remove the wheel from a bike to replace it with a new one, and other times we just want to change some of its parts. That is why we also bring you information on how you can disassemble and then reassemble the parts of the wheel itself.

Once the wheel has been removed, remove the rim cover using a lever to make the job easier. You will then remove the inner tube and rim tape if you wish to reuse the same components on the new wheel.

To mount the tire, the inner tube and the rim tape on the new wheel is also something simple but with a couple of tricks. First, install the rim tape, then put it on a tire profile. Next, fit the inner tube starting with the valve. Finish assembling the other side of the cover, using either your hands or some levers.

Steps to follow after installing a new wheel

Before any type of change that you make on a bike, there are certain checks that you must do to make sure that everything is working correctly. In this way, you will know that the bike is suitable to be used without any type of risk for you or for the rest of the people.

This safety check is extremely important in the case of wheels since a fault in the wheel or in its placement can cause a serious accident.

After changing a wheel, you should do a safety check by following the next steps:

  • Check that the brake shoes are in the correct position on the rim.
  • Make sure that the bike brakes correctly.
  • Check that the rear derailleur works properly.

The best thing you can do to try this is to ride the bike on a street with little traffic, even better if it is an empty parking lot or a park that allows bicycles, since this way you make sure that there are no other people nearby who can be injured.

Extra tips for changing the wheels of a bike

The first piece of advice has to do with where it is most convenient to place your bike before changing wheels. The workshop support is the most practical solution to working with the bicycle. If you do not have support, another solution is to place the bicycle upside down (supporting it on the saddle and handlebars) to change the wheel. It may seem like something obvious, but it never hurts to clarify.

Another tip is that once the wheels are in place, it is recommended to place the bicycle in an upright position, resting on the ground. This is the best way to ensure that the wheel is fully seated on the frame.

The other tip is for the quick-release lever to be on the left side of the wheel. Riders place the wheel quick-release lever on the left side to avoid tightening issues and the derailleur becoming an obstacle.

In conclusion

Removing the wheel from a bike is not a science, much less something impossible. Anyone with a bit of skill can do it, and you don’t even need to be an expert in the world of mechanics. Having a little initiative and time available is more than enough for you to do it yourself.

We emphasize it again, time is an important thing. Although the step-by-step makes it seem super simple (and it is!), it is also true that it requires practice and if it is your first time doing it, we recommend that you do it with enough time.

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