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Get to know the best electric bikes for kids

November 4, 2024
Get to know the best electric bikes for kids

Get to know the best electric bikes for kids: One of the most important moments in a child’s life is when he learns to ride a bike. Even when he still has to use training wheels, he feels a freedom that he never had before, and as parents or responsible adults, we have to give him that feeling along with love and support.

Today, like everything else, bikes have evolved and electric bikes are already all the rage. Not only are they extremely popular, but they are not impossible to buy. There is a wide variety of prices to suit all budgets.

In this article, we will focus on electric bikes for children between 6 and 10 years old. Remember that we have another list that includes ebikes for children 10 years and older. We make this distinction since in each case there are some particular characteristics that we thought it essential to clarify and differentiate.

What are the advantages of having an electric bike for a child?

Put yourself for two seconds in your shoes when you were between 6 and 10 years old, and imagine if you had the opportunity to have an ebike. You could feel the wind on your face, and visit the different places that you like the most, without the need to exhaust yourself pedalling.

It is useful for young children since they will not get so tired, so they are above all like a life saviour on family vacations so that all family members can go at the same pace. Also, the good thing is that in most cases ebikes can be used as common bikes, so if you need it you can opt for that change.

What are the risks of electric bikes for children?

The risks of electric bikes for children are the same as any common bike, only that it has some different points. For all bikes (electric and common), it is not that they represent a risk in themselves, but their use is what can be a danger to the child.

By that, we mean that the problem is not in the bike, but in the other cars that are on the street, or on the mountain roads where they can be used. Therefore, it is always important that before a child sets out to use an ebike alone, he is accompanied by a responsible adult.

Apart from that, in this article, we focus on electric bikes for children between 6 and 10 years old, and in this age range, the child must always be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult, especially if they are riding a bike.

What are the safety measures for children on electric bikes?

Here you can follow the security measures similar to those you would follow with a common bike. The child must wear a helmet and knee pads in case of a fall. Some gloves can also be useful to grip the handlebar more firmly.

A responsible adult should always be watching you. In the case of ebikes, you also have to check that the bike works correctly, that the motor is running well, and that the battery is dead. This check, in addition to checking the tires, can prevent many incidents, so you must do it.

If you do not have the time to do the check, then we recommend that you remove the battery from the ebike (in case it is removable), so that the child can use it as if it were a conventional bike without turning on the motor. Such a young child is not prepared to change the type of use of the bike while he is driving, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

The list of the best electric bikes for kids

Cube Acid 240

This electric bike for children is only available in Europe, although they have the option of shipping to other continents, so don’t be disappointed if you find yourself elsewhere.

While its frame may look large, everything else is junior size as it was intended to be worn by children. It is a little heavier than the previous one on the list, so we do not recommend it for very small children, but it is perfect for the big ones!

Woom up

The Woom Up is the perfect bike for the child who is taking their first pedal strokes on an electric bike. It is an updated version of the previous one that had come out of this line, and the positive changes are noticeable at a glance. It has the new Promax hydraulic disc brakes, so it gives complete security when braking or slowing down.

It has a motor with a power of 500W and a battery of 250Wh. The electric bike weighs only 16 kilograms, so although it may sound heavy for a small child, it is quite useful and will give you the necessary stability. If it were lighter, the child would run the risk of being thrown off the bike by any brake.

Stacyc balance bike

This electric bike is so good that it can be used by children from 3 years old to approximately 10 without any problem. Thanks to how this compound can last between 30 and 60 minutes working as an ebike. The time depends on the speed and the type of terrain.

This short durability should not be frowned upon, since you must remember that it is a bike for young children and not for adults. It weighs only 8kgs, although for children from 3 to 5 years old it can be quite heavy if they have to pedal it on their own (so make sure to charge the battery!).

In conclusion

Even children as young as 3 years old should have the opportunity to enjoy an electric bike, and if you follow the safety steps included in this article, it will be much easier for you. Remember that the products listed were chosen in an entirely objective manner, so the last decision is always yours and we recommend that you consult a professional, especially on bikes for very young children.

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