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Learn more about the self-charging folding electric bike

November 13, 2024
Learn more about the self-charging folding electric bike

Learn more about the self-charging folding electric bike: Electric bicycles by themselves seem somewhat futuristic. A few years ago it was something unthinkable and today they are something quite common that can be found in a wide variety of prices and for all tastes.

Now that they have become commonplace, everyday companies are in charge of finding new ways to innovate with them. A couple of years ago foldable ebikes were all the rage and something completely new, the same with special chargers that worked with solar panels.

Now, there are some changes or innovations that are even more innovative, as is the case with the self-charging folding electric bikes. These electric bikes can charge themselves while you pedal, and they can also be folded so they combine the best of both worlds.

Continue reading this article to learn more about them, as well as what is the science behind that allows this self-charging functionality. We will also tell you which are the reliable companies that are selling self-charging folding ebikes, and which ones are working to improve on this.

How do Self-charging folding electric bikes work?

You shouldn’t believe any science fiction story that an ebike seller wants to tell you, the bikes do not charge simply because you pedal. Some stores advertise their electric bikes as if they could be charged thanks to your pedalling (so you would never have to charge it), but that is not how it works.

Many people fall for this scam because there is an opportunity to transform pedalling energy into a power source, but the ability to make it work like this on electric bikes has not yet been developed.

However, not all companies are looking to scam the consumer, on the contrary! There are some companies specializing in ebikes that are taking advantage of “regenerative braking” technology to bring to market some bikes that charge themselves or at least use less energy. Among these brands, one from Australia known as VELLO stands out.

Where can I buy a Self-charging folding electric bike?

If you are looking for a self-charging electric folding bike, the most reliable on the market is the VELLO BIKE + Titan. This bike has an innovative battery that allows it to charge itself, with the

technology called KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System). In theory, its energy is unlimited and you will rarely have to charge it, however, some users claim that you have to charge it from time to time.

So that you understand how the VELLO BIKE + Titan works in particular, we will explain it to you in a simple way. It has a system that transforms part of the vehicle’s kinetic energy into electrical energy in exchange for reducing speed, and that is stored for later use.

Due to being one of the few ebikes that has proven to be able to charge itself, its price is quite high in comparison. You can buy this ebike for just over $4,000 (including tax). It is mostly sold in Australia, but they ship to other parts of the world and have resellers in other countries.

Are there other brands developing Self-charging folding electric bikes?

Of course! In fact, there are also other self-charging folding ebikes on the market today, but they are less popular and have fewer reviews than the VELLO BIKE. For example, some brands are DX which launched a self-charging electric bike a couple of years ago, and there is also the famous Neomouv FURTIVOO single-speed self-charging electric bike along with the Eahora Snow X6.

It can be expected that in the future more brands will start launching these types of products. Self-charging folding electric bikes are becoming more and more popular so every company will want to jump on this trend.

Are self-charging foldable ebikes a good buy?

At the end of the day, whether it is a good buy or not depends more than anything on you and what you are looking for. In any case, it is a good product since it combines the best of both worlds.

With a self-charging foldable ebike, you will have the practicality provided by being able to fold it so that it occupies as little space as possible when storing it, and you will also not have to spend or waste so much time charging it with its innovative technology.

What other method exists for ebikes to charge themselves?

The only method for a bike to charge itself was the one mentioned above, however, there are other forms of charging that do not require you to plug in or use electricity.

This is the case of batteries prepared with a solar panel. Some are specially made like this, so it is not that they are of a giant size but they are the same size as any type of battery. If you want to charge your battery like this, you will have to do it when your bike is not moving (that is, removing the battery and leaving it with the solar panel on charge).

There is also another option that is a little more extreme and that is to charge your bike only in places that have solar panels or put a solar panel in your house. With the word extreme, we do not mean that it is something negative, but rather that it is more difficult, since installing a solar panel in a house is very expensive, and there are not many public places with solar panels that allow you to charge the battery of your ebike for hours.

In conclusion

Although there is still a long way to go in what has to do with the technological advances of ebikes, it can be said that self-charging folding ebikes are something that may sound futuristic but it is very present.

We only recommend that you seek advice from a trusted seller or experts to prevent them from taking advantage of you and selling you anything. Self-charging folding ebikes exist but they are not mainstream yet, so you have to be careful.

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