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How long do ebike batteries last

October 23, 2024
How long do ebike batteries last

How long do ebike batteries last? One of the biggest questions we have when we buy a new ebike, or if we are completely new to the world of electric bikes, is how long ebike batteries last. That is why we bring you this article with all the information you need.

From how far you can travel with a battery charge, to what is the useful life of an ebike battery, accompanied by some exclusive tips to make the battery last longer, here we will tell you all that and much more.

How long do ebike batteries last

Different factors can affect the battery life of your ebike. First of all, you must know that the more Wh a battery has, the greater distance it can travel without needing to be recharged. The models that are marketed today range from 300 Wh to 700 Wh, although the best-selling electric bicycles are those with 400 Wh batteries. We have other articles where we talk more about the types of batteries and their Wh, so do not hesitate to review them to find out which is the best option for you.

Apart from that, the most widely used lithium batteries are usually those that have a distance of 80 km in an urban environment. However, if the circulation is on the road or in a rural environment (where more power is required), this distance is reduced. If you know that you will have to go through unstable terrain, with ups and downs, then you must have your ebike battery well charged.

To give you a more exact idea, a 400 Wh battery charged to 100% can travel 80km in the city, while the distance is reduced to 40km if it is unstable terrain such as dirt, mountains, or with many ups and downs.

How many years can an ebike battery last?

Like everything in life, ebike batteries also have an expiration date, even if the seller doesn’t tell you. Different factors affect the life of a battery, but certain standard measures will help you know when it is time to change the battery.

The batteries of the ebikes usually have a duration of close to 4 years. A large number of manufacturers claim that their batteries can exceed 1000 recharge cycles, but you should know that this is not entirely true. Other factors affect the useful life of the battery, especially such as the charging method, and its exposure to the open air or the sun, among other things.

Tips to make your ebike battery charge last longer

Do a complete charge and discharge cycle every 1 or 2 months. Whether you use your electric bike a lot or not, it is a great way to prevent it from always draining, so try not to get too lazy to continue with the cycles in this format. This will help you keep the battery calibrated.

Do not let the battery discharge completely. Except when you are doing the charge and discharge cycle, try not to go below 30% charge. This will also be of great help to you to never run out of battery in the middle of a ride.

Unplug it when it reaches 100%. There is no point in continuing to charge when the battery is fully charged, overcharging goes against the performance of the batteries. That’s why we recommend that you don’t charge it overnight (unless you know you’ll be awake by the time it reaches 100%).

Do not expose the battery to high temperatures. Correct protection of the bicycle against the direct incidence of the sun when it is parked will extend the useful life of your battery. In addition to that, it is important to leave it above half charge if you are going to have it stopped for a while. Many manufacturers advise that you leave your electric bike battery above 50% charge if you are going to stop using it for a while. Ideally at 60%.

Use the correct charger for your battery. Better to use the original or, at least, that it is of the same brand as the battery. If the charger is not the most suitable, you could damage it without realizing it and take away cycles.

How to know when it’s time to buy a new battery for the ebike?

Due to successive recharges, the useful life of the battery is reduced over time. One factor that you must take into account is that those batteries that have a greater storage capacity take longer to degrade.

Another very important aspect of the correct maintenance of the lithium battery is that it can be greatly affected by sudden changes in temperature. Peak temperatures, either very hot or very cold, significantly damage lithium batteries and can render them obsolete in just a couple of years.

Therefore, we recommend that after 2 years if you have a battery with a warranty then you use it and get a new one. Otherwise, 4 years is a good life cycle for a battery and it would be the right time to change it. Remember that the higher the quality of the battery, they will also have longer useful life, lasting up to ten years of use without the need for replacement.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, many factors influence how long ebike batteries last, but as long as you follow our tips then we can assure you that your battery has many useful years ahead of it and that it will also last longer. You should always keep your ebike protected from external factors such as rain, sun, or very low or high temperatures as this can cause it to start malfunctioning early.

Remember that the better the quality of your ebike battery, the longer it will last. It is also essential to buy a battery that suits the type of use you will make for your bike. Do not forget that a battery to ride around the city is not the same as another with the power to ride on more unstable roads.

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