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How to remove the speed limiter on an electric bike

August 19, 2024
How to remove the speed limiter on an electric bike

We all love riding electric bikes. Whether on long rides or a few blocks. But one of the biggest disadvantages is its speed. Some e-bikes are slower than others, and speed lovers may see this as a negative. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to remove the speed limiter on an electric bike. In this way, you can do it yourself or evaluate the situation and see how beneficial it is.

How to remove the speed limiter on an electric bike

To remove the speed limiter on an electric bike, you have 3 main options: the first is to do it yourself, the second is to take it to a professional, and the third is not to do it. Next, we will tell you more about each of them.

First of all, it is something you can do yourself. Some e-bikes are developed in such a way that anyone can use their hands to disengage and remove the speed limiter. Other bikes require you to disconnect the cables that connect the speed limiter to the motor, which takes more time and risks damaging the motor.

Second, you should not rule out taking it to a professional to do the job. If you remove it wrong, then you can damage the whole structure of your e-bike, or break the motor of it. It is something that you must do carefully and if you cannot do it this way then take it to a bike mechanic and let them take care of it and advise you.

We include the third option, which is not to remove the speed limit because it is not always advantageous. It can have its negative side, and it is also not always legal. Don’t start worrying about that now, as we’ll explain it later in the article.

Is it legal to remove the speed limiter on an electric bike?

One problem with removing the speed limiter on an electric bike is that it makes it go from the category of e-bike to that of another type of vehicle. For example, without the limiter, you can reach the same speeds that a motorcycle can reach.

In some countries or provinces/states, you may have to do some paperwork to do this. That is, you must adapt your driver’s license to that of a motorcycle. In addition, you should make sure that your e-bike is prepared to be able to withstand the speeds you intend to reach.

Keep in mind that in Europe and North America some specific regulations are in charge of controlling what is the maximum speed at which e-bikes can go generally, speed limiters are made with this in mind. For this reason, you should review the regulations since you may be breaking the law by making your ebike reach higher speeds.

Why do electric bikes have a speed limiter?

Although you can indeed remove it, as we told you recently in this article, it is also true that bikes have speed control for a specific reason. The main functionality is that this speed limiter, in addition to controlling the speed of an electric motor, also serves as a dynamic brake.

This control unit (consisting of the speed limiter) uses the energy from the battery and feeds it to the motor. The electric bike speed controller sends signals to the motor in various voltages. 

These signals detect the direction of a rotor relative to the starting coil. The proper function of a speed control depends on the use of various mechanisms. However, it has a wide variety of benefits when it works correctly.

What are the benefits of keeping speed control on your electric bike?

Although we teach you how to remove the speed limiter on an electric bike, we must tell you about some of the benefits it has, so that before making the final decision, you can be completely sure that it is what you want and that it is the best for your bike.

The main benefit is that once you understand the basics of your electric bike speed controller, you can easily switch between the two modes of operation, manual pedalling and electric driving. This allows you to have a good workout without overly taxing your muscles and lungs.

If you’re a beginner cyclist, for example, you may find yourself out of breath during uphill climbs. You can switch to your electric speed control going up hills, gradually reducing your reliance on electric operation as you increase resistance.

If you enjoy cycling with family and friends, the ability to switch to electric speed controls can help ensure a comfortable ride for everyone, regardless of different abilities and strengths.

Another benefit it has is that the motor of your e-bike has less wear. When you remove the speed limiter, you should not forget that the motor will work for a longer time, so you will increase its wear. The electrical demand will be higher and this could have a great impact on the life of your electric bicycle in the long run.

What are the advantages of removing the speed limiter on an electric bike?

Although we have already told you about the advantages of keeping the speed limiter on your electric bike, it is also important to tell you about the advantages of removing it. The first advantage is quite obvious and is the fact that it allows you to speed up more freely.

The defect that some electric bikes have is that they are quite slow, but if you remove the speed limiter you get rid of this inconvenience, even partially. You will notice this greater speed increases capacity in all your routes, from your bike trip on flat land to the times you have to go uphill.

Another advantage of removing the speed limiter is that it allows you to gain resistance, which is even better if you are used to riding in a group of cyclists. Now you can go faster without having to make much effort, which is very good, especially if you were one of those who always stayed at the back of the group.

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