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How much does an electric bike weigh?

August 9, 2024
How much does an electric bike weigh?

Bicycles are one of humans’ most reliable and useful means of transportation. With the help of your bicycle, you can tour your entire city or your neighborhood and get to know places you have never seen before without spending a single penny. Then, this article will tell you about how much does an electric bike weigh.

The good thing is that with the help of the bikes, you can also get extra exercise, although some would prefer their bikes to work without having to pedal. If you are one of those people, then electric bikes are for you.

Electric bicycles are fast, silent, ecological, and increasingly light vehicles. In this post, we will tell you a little more about them, and above all, we will tell you How much does an electric bike weigh so that you know if it is the right vehicle for you or not.

How much do electric bikes weigh?

The variety in the weights of electric bicycles depends on different factors, but basically, the range is between 8 kilos up to 40 kilos (yes, we already know, it is a fairly large parameter). Next, we will tell you how and at what rate the weight of your electric bicycle can vary.

On the one hand, the lightest are electric bicycles with carbon frames. These weigh 10 kilos or even less. They are usually used in recreational settings and are a great option if you plan to use them in the city. They are not suitable for mountainous terrain or with many climbs or descents since they do not have a large enough engine to withstand that.

Folding electric bikes for daily tours usually weigh between 20 and 25 kilos. These are also used more than anything in places where the streets are made of asphalt since they are not all-terrain bicycles. They are a great option when you must take public transport in addition to the bicycle since you can fold them and get on the train, bus or subway without any problem or disturbing other people.

All-terrain electric bicycles usually weigh up to 40 kilos since they are prepared to give you a feeling of stability and firmness. To provide that security, they must be heavier and have a higher power motor and battery to withstand those routes.

How much does the electric bike motor weigh?

Something that determines how much does an electric bike weighs is the weight of its motor. Electric motors are usually heavy, although, of course, they don’t come close to the weight of motors in cars or other means of transport.

Electric motors usually weigh from 2 kilos to 5 kilos. You will rarely find a less heavy electric motor since a smaller one will not have enough power to move a bicycle. The heaviest motors are the ones found on all-terrain electric bikes.

How much does the electric bike battery weigh?

Another key factor in how much does an electric bikes weigh is the weight of the battery that an electric bike has. Batteries typically weigh between 2.5 and 3.5 kilograms. The battery is most likely located in the bike’s luggage rack or frame.

If it is integrated into the frame, then the battery will be lighter; if it is in the part that would be the luggage rack of the electric bicycle, then it is heavier. The weight of the battery is also related to the charge capacity it has, and the more charge it has, the more you can use your computer for longer.

The average energy content of an electric bike battery is between 300 and 625 Wh. It is not usually less than these numbers since otherwise, the load would only last minutes.

Other factors that intervene in the weight of the electric bicycle

The weight of the motor or the battery is simply 2 of all the factors that exist to determine the weight of the electric bicycle. Another central factor that influences how much does the electric bike motor weigh is the frame material.

If the frame of your electric bike is made of steel, then your bike will be heavier. This is because steel is the heaviest material when it comes to the materials a bike can be made of.

The material that makes an electric bike lighter is carbon. Although with the help of carbon your bike will be lighter, it also makes your bike more expensive and more delicate.

If you are looking for a material that offers you a middle ground between stability, price, and weight, then aluminium is for you. When electric bicycles are made with aluminium, they give a sense of stability, they are not as heavy as steel ones, they last longer than carbon ones, and the price is somewhere between the two.

In addition to the material of the frame, the weight of the brakes also influences. Many people forget this but depending on the type of brake system that your electric bicycle has, its weight can vary. If the brake is made with integrated discs then they will be heavier than rim brakes. While rim brakes are lighter, integrated discs are considered safer.

Why is it important to know how much do electric bikes weigh?

Knowledge is always key, but there are also other benefits of knowing how much does an electric bikes weigh. For example, you can know which bike is best for you to buy based on weight, since if you buy a lighter one, then you can only use it on certain occasions, while the heavy ones will be useful in other areas.


At the end of the day, what matters is that you buy an electric bike that you feel comfortable with. The fact of using a bicycle is already good for you and the environment, so take the opportunity to feel comfortable and transport yourself in a new and exciting means of transport.

You should not forget about electric bicycles because you cannot forget to pedal. Electric bicycles are not motorcycles, so the motor of electric bikes must be taken as an assistant to the pedalling.

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