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How to untangle a bike chain

August 14, 2024
How to untangle a bike chain

The bicycle is one of the most reliable means of transportation you can have. As long as you can pedal, the bike will take you everywhere you need to go. From city streets to the countryside, all you have to do is get on the bike seat and pedal away. However, if there are some parts of the bike that are malfunctioning, for example, the chain gets tangled, then you may be in trouble. We will tell you how to untangle a bike chain.

One of the most important parts of the bike is the chain. With the help of the chain, the force you do while pedaling is carried to the wheel. Basically, without a chain, you cannot move your bike by pedaling. The chains usually work quite well, just needing to be oiled from time to time. But the chain can get tangled, and you would have a big problem.

In case this happens, the important thing is that you do not panic. In this article, we will tell you how to untangle a bike chain and everything you need to know about it so that you are never caught off guard and can act quickly.

How to untangle your chain step by step

  1- The first thing you should do is take the longest available part of the chain with one hand. With the other hand, grab the loosely hanging part of the tangle. Join both ends, but you must do it following a straight line. Otherwise, you may end up getting more entangled.

2- Next, grab the chain and shake it vigorously for quick untangling. It will likely unravel itself as you shake, and your problem will be fixed at this step. If not, then continue shaking for a while longer.

3- If the chain has a detachable link, then see if by removing it you can work easier to untangle it.

How to untangle a bike chain if the above didn’t work

If the step-by-step above didn’t work, or if the chain is tangled but still attached to the bike, then the easiest solution is to take it to a professional.

We always want to solve everything with home remedies, or we think that looking for tutorials on YouTube is enough, but there are times when we need help from another person. A professional or anyone who has knowledge of the subject can help you and make the job much easier.

Although this step requires a minimal investment, since you will be hiring someone to do the work and you must pay them, it is also important to remember that you will not have to make an effort, and you will save yourself some headaches.

As the last measure: break the chain and buy a new one

This is probably what you didn’t want to hear, but in some cases, it ends up being the best option. If everything you’ve tried before hasn’t paid off, then the best thing to do is break it and buy a new one.

You can use some type of pliers or pliers and cut the chain to make it easier. Wear some kind of safety goggles or shield your eyes as particles may fly off the chain while you cut. These particles can seriously damage your eyes and vision, so it’s best to avoid this with some sort of protective gear.

Once you have been able to remove it, it only remains to buy a new one and install it. Again, if you don’t have the necessary skills, all of this work can be done by any type of bike mechanic.

Some extra tips on how to untangle a bike chain

  • The great advantage of this step-by-step method we show you at the beginning is that you can unravel other types of chains with it. If you have to use chains for the wheels of your cars or for any type of object, then that is the same method that is used to untangle them.
  • To have less chance of your bike chains getting tangled, it is recommended that you lubricate them with a suitable oil (or the famous WD 40), at least every 480 km (approximately 300 miles). Be this way, you will avoid constant friction, and your bike will also work better. You will feel that pedaling is much easier and faster, so you will not get exhausted as often.
  • Patience is key. You must be patient and persistent if you want this method to work. Remember that you can hire someone to do the work for you otherwise. But we recommend that you try. If it doesn’t work the first time, then take a breath, pause, and keep trying.
  • You must be calm and focused throughout the process. It may be fast and finish immediately, or it may take minutes, so you must be mentally prepared for that. If you do it nervously or in a hurry, then you have less chance of it going well.
  • If you have to cut the chain, use some kind of protection. Metal splinters can damage your eyes or your skin if they are thrown from the chain once you make the cut. For this reason, wearing glasses or clothing that covers your skin is the safest option.
  • If you don’t have good equipment to make the cut, then it’s best to let a professional do it. Chain cutting is something that should be done with confidence and safety. Otherwise, you can make a wrong cut and make the whole chain obsolete.

To prevent the chain from tangling

  • The first thing you should do to avoid it is to watch it from time to time, making sure that the links do not start to collide or join too much.
  • Also, make sure to lubricate the chain every 480km to avoid any type of entanglement while you are riding. If you have to go at high speeds, then it suits you that it is well oiled.
  • Buy a chain of links that can be easily joined and unlinked.

I hope you have a clearer idea of how to untangle a bicycle chain. Would you like to know how much an e-bike battery costs? You can check here e-bike battery cost . Also, you can check out our reviews and buyer’s guide on the Best Electric Bikes for Money in 2024.




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