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How to load bikes on a car bike rack

October 27, 2024
How to load bikes on a car bike rack

How to load bikes on a car bike rack? People who ride bicycles love to take them everywhere. There are times when the only thing that stops us is our car since it is uncomfortable or we do not know how to store them properly.

In this article, we will teach you how to load bikes on a car bike rack. In this way, your car will not be an obstacle, but it will help you take your bike to more places. It doesn’t matter if you’re going on vacation, or if you’re going to work but want to have your bike close by, with these tips you can do it without problems.

Remember that there are some places where it is not legal to carry the bike in a car bike rack since a rack is not allowed in the car. This article is intended for all people who are in countries where car racks are allowed.

How to load bikes on a car bike rack: step by step with a roof car rack

Install a good rack on the roof of your car. The first step in how to load bikes on a car bike rack is to install a roof rack on the car. Of course, you can use another car rack, but for storage space without affecting the driver’s vision, those located on the roof are always recommended. Although they indeed are the most uncomfortable to use since you have to raise the bicycle on the roof of the vehicle, they are one of the fan favourites.

To install these hooks it is necessary to have either a roof rack or roof bars in our car. The great advantage is that there are hundreds of models, but we always recommend that you use iron or metal and stay away from plastic ones as they are very fragile.

The most popular type of ceiling rack is the one whose structure consists of a rail and one or two arms. The two wheels rest on the rail and are secured to prevent displacement and the arm or arms hold the bicycle frame so that it maintains verticality. This bike rack is more expensive but does not require any disassembly.

How to load bikes on a car bike rack: step-by-step rack behind the car

Tailgate bike racks are becoming a more popular option. They are easy to use, more comfortable to load thanks to better accessibility and their installation is relatively simple.

Through mechanical supports and straps, the bike rack is attached to the tailgate of the car. Depending on the model, we can load between one and four complete bicycles without disassembling them. In addition, it has the advantage that you don’t have to exert as much force when you load the bikes since you don’t have to lift them up to the ceiling.

The disadvantage compared to roof racks is that they are much more cumbersome and susceptible to shocks when parking and maneuvering, so it is best to disassemble them every time we finish transporting bicycles, unlike roof racks.

The biggest drawback is that it can obscure the driver’s vision, so you will have to be much more careful while driving your car. In some countries this type of rack is not legal, so you should check the situation in your particular country before installing it in your car.

How to load bikes on a car bike rack: Step by step of the bike racks that are already installed in the car

As a more specific option, there are bike racks that are integrated and hidden in cars. These aren’t found on many cars, but you can check with your car dealer before you buy. Moreover, it is believed that with the rise of ebikes, more and more cars will come with this functionality.

This system consists of a hidden bike rack that extends out of the rear like a drawer and requires no additional mounting beyond the lights and license plate.

It is by far the most practical system of all but it also turns out to be one of the most expensive as it is an original accessory that must be ordered from the factory, it can only be installed on new cars and it is not compatible with the subsequent installation of a ball. trailer.

Another option if the above fails

In case the above fails, or in your country car racks with bicycles on top are not allowed, you can choose to buy a removable bike. These are bikes that can be folded or disassembled, thus allowing you to fit them more easily in the trunk of a car or on the back seats.

Of course, it’s not ideal since it takes up storage space in the trunk, or takes up space for people who would sit in the back seats, but it’s a good option in case all of the above fails. Another disadvantage is the time it would take to disassemble and reassemble the bike, but once you get used to it, it will come out super fast.

In conclusion

Finally, as you can see throughout the article, there are several options on how to load bikes on a car bike rack. We recommend that you choose the one that best suits your car, your budget, and your physical strength.

Of course, the best option for the driver is to put the bike on the roof rack of the car, but perhaps he does not have enough strength to lift it, or he has to disassemble the bike and this is not so practical. The best option is usually the one with the special racks that already come in the cars but it is the most expensive because it is only in 0 km or in new cars.

Therefore, the most important thing is that you analyze the disadvantages and advantages, and choose the one that suits you best. At the end of the day, all the options are good to take your bike to the place you want.

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