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Learn everything about e-bikes with child seat

November 11, 2024
Learn everything about electric bikes with child seat

Learn everything about e-bikes with child seat: You probably already know all the benefits that ebikes have: they do not harm the environment, they are a super reliable means of transportation and you do not depend on anyone else to reach your destination. The only downside that some people say ebikes have is that they are only for one person to ride.

Actually, some ebikes are prepared to carry more people, we refer specifically to ebikes that are prepared to have a child seat. With an electric bike like this, you could take a child wherever you want, in the same way that you would with a regular bike that has a child seat.

Continue reading this article to learn everything about electric bikes with a child seat, from what an ebike needs to be fit to have a seat, to what are the best ways to carry a child on an electric bike, and much more.

What are the characteristics of electric bikes with a child seat

Ebikes in general have a pedal-assist motor and are a great help for medium or long journeys. Now those that are suitable for carrying children are usually prepared to have more power since an extra weight is added plus the weight of the cyclist. Keep in mind that the bike will be heavier, that’s why the engine power must be higher and the bike frame must be prepared to withstand that extra power.

The ebikes that are prepared to have a child seat are heavier than the common ones. This is because they need to have a greater weight to have the necessary stability.

But not everything has to do with stability, the weight of the frame and the engine, there is another fundamental factor that characterizes this bike. Another of the main characteristics of ebikes is that they have to have a space to place the child seat. For that reason, they are usually slightly longer ebikes, since there are times when that seat takes up a lot of space.

About the child seats that go on the back of the electric bike

Children between 2 and 5 years old can sit on the back of the bike independently and safely. Many models can be attached to the luggage rack, the seat post or the vertical tube of the frame. More and more rack-mounted seats are equipped with clamps that allow the seat to be quickly changed or removed from the bike.

The real advantage of seats to the seat tube is that they are “suspended” and therefore more flexible for the comfort of the child and do not require a luggage rack. This last solution allows the seat to be moved from one bike to another, with an additional fixing box. The seats are equipped with a harness and usually have adjustable footrests.

Some chairs are hooked on top of the bike frame. Child seats that attach to the bike frame are suitable for small children who have outgrown the seat. They provide a comfortable support solution for daily commuting, but shouldn’t be used if you’re going on an adventure trip (generally you should never take a child on a bike on such a trip)

Another option is the so-called junior seats, these are installed on the rear rack of the ebike and can accommodate a child from 25 to 35 kg. They are more comfortable for the child and for the rider, in addition to being safer because they are equipped with a belt and a backrest. For added safety, you can put a fender or protector on the rear wheel.

Electric bikes with seats for babies or smaller children

In the case of ebike seats that are for babies, they have different characteristics than those that are child seats. When the child is a baby or very young, the seat is installed forward on the frame between the saddle and the handlebars. The child is close to the adult, in his arms, and therefore has less tendency to move, and you can see and talk to him without any problem.

Another advantage that this seat has for such small children is that the baby can see around him, making him feel calmer. This type of seat is suitable for occasional or regular urban use. To facilitate maneuvering, there is a handlebar for the child seat that allows the seat to be moved away from the saddle and thus turn more easily.

Another option if you don’t like the seats on the ebike

Some people do not like to carry children in ebike seats, and for them, there is another option: use a child trailer on the ebike. This option is not legal in all countries or places, so you should make sure it is allowed where you are.

It is possible to transport your baby in a child trailer if it is equipped with an adapted baby seat. The carrycot seats are suitable for newborns up to 6 months, the bouncer seats are suitable for babies from 1 to 10 months and the booster seat is suitable for toddlers from 10 to 20 months. Just remove the infant seat when the child grows and put it in the original trailer seat.

This option has the great disadvantage that it can be dangerous on the street, the child is much more exposed, and it can make the ebike more destabilized. Therefore, it is only recommended when riding an ebike through the park at a leisurely pace, and not in normal traffic.

In conclusion

There are different ways to carry a child on an electric bicycle. It does not matter if it is a small child, a baby, or an older one, in any case, there is always an option.

For greater safety, it is recommended that when you take a child on your electric bike you make sure it is a safe trip, on quiet streets or in ride mode, never do adventure trips on an ebike with a child as it can be risky for the safety of all involved.


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